Fine weather encouraged Bentley drivers to bring their steeds to Sidmouth for an interesting day on the town's cricket pitch. At least four Western Region members brought their Bentleys and several others attended under a variety of other auspices. Thanks to Geoff Allan for co-ordinating the Western Region entries.

Notable amongst the other appearances were a DFP and no fewer than five Bristols, including two Type 404s and a Type 405 drophead coupe, of which only 47 were made.

Western Region's Bentleys

A rare gathering of Bristols

Types 401 and Type 404. Type 410 behind.
Type 410
Type 405 DHC, one of 47 made.
The FHC version had four doors - the only model so equipped.

Another 404. The only 2-seater production Bristol: the "Businessman's Express".

A day for rare DHC versions: here is a Mk V Jaguar drophead

Western Region's Bentleys overlooking the sea

Geoff Allan and family enjoying a picnic.
Packard V12
Rolls Royce New Phantom (Phantom 1).
American and British excellence.


Armstrong Siddeley
The idiosyncratic drop-doors of a BMW Z1 in down mode.
If only this were not a replica.


I know you have all been waiting for this revelation. For the uninitiated, the blurb below revels the connexion with W O Bentley.


Titus tolerates all this motormania, but enjoys much more a romp in the sea.

A very soggy doggie!
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16 September 2018