A Rough Guide to Bentley Identification

Crewe Bentleys - 1998 onwards

Arnage1998-2000;4.4 litre, twin-turbo BMW engineGreen Label
Arnage2000-2009;6.75 litre, turboRed Label 00-02, RL, T
Continental GT2003-date2-door coupe (GTC = DHC)
6 litre W 12 twin-turbo engine
derived from VW Phaeton
GTC(06), GT Speed(07),
Supersport(09), GTC Speed(09)
Azure2005-?2-door DHC
New version, based on Arnage
Continental Flying Spur2005-20134-door variant of GTSpeed model from 2008
Brooklands coupe2007-?2-door FHC
Limited edition of 550
Mulsanne2010-date"Flagship" model
6.75 litre twin-turbo
Continental GT/GTC V82012-date2-door coupe (GTC = DHC)
4 litre V8 engine
New Flying Spur2013-date4-door 200 mph family saloon
6 litre W 12 twin-turbo

Information here is as at the date at the end of the page. I do not guarantee how often I shall update it.
For latest information, refer to Bentley Motors's web site and Facebook pages.


The Turbo R range of 4-door cars was replaced by the Arnage, introduced with a twin-turbocharged 4.4 litre BMW engine. That model is known as a "Green Label" Arnage. From 2000, the 6.75 litre Bentley engine was fitted and the Arnage redesignated as "Red Label". A twin-turbocharged engine followed and a facelifted model was not far behind (2005).

Left: Red Label Arnage The most obvious feature is the headlamp cover, mercifully dropped from 2005 on.

Right: The late Arnage (2005 on) dispensed with the "bubble" over the headlamps, presenting a frontal aspect similar to the Brooklands coupe and the remodelled Azure. This one also has a chrome radiator shell and two-tone paint.

This frontal shot of another late Arnage shows the bonnet line and framing of the headlamps to be distinct from the Continental R. It is, however, similar (perhaps identical) to that of the Brooklands coupe and the "new" Azure that was derived from it.

Continental GT

Left: a 2010 Continental GT alongside a 1924 3 litre (now 3/4½)
Right: a black 2010 Continental GTC and white Continental Supersport; enlarged lower-wing and bonnet vents give this 2-seater, 200+mph car a distinctive appearance.


In 2012, 4 litre V8-engined versions of the Continental GT and GTC (pictured here) were launched. DIstinguishing features are a gloss black mesh grille in a chrome surround and figure-of-eight exhaust tailpipes.

New Azure

The new version of the Azure resembles a DHC version of the Brooklands coupe, though its production preceded the latter's. I have no photographs at the time of writing, but the Brooklands pictured below can be imagined with a soft roof.

Continental Flying Spur

The grey Continental Flying Spur alongside the GTC (foreground) illustrates distinctive features beside the fact that it has four doors. It is more upright in appearance, both as to the radiator shell and the front wing line. Both these cars are 2010 models.
A New Flying Spur was launched in 2013: details and pictures are below

Brooklands Coupe


Left: Brooklands coupe: a limited edition, 2-door car.

Right: rear view of another Brooklands coupe (left) alongside a Continental Flying Spur (right)


The new Mulsanne, unveiled in 2010, is Bentley's current flagship car.



Seen here alongside a Continental R, the sheer bulk of the Mulsanne is evident. This one has a chrome radiator; two-tone finishes are also an option.

New Flying Spur

A new Flying Spur model was introduced in March 2013; because this is a completely new car, designed from the ground up, rather than a four-door variant of the Continental GT, "Continental" has been dropped from the name. The most obvious identifying feature is that the outer headlamps are larger then the inner ones.
At the time of writing, the New Flying Spur is probably the fastest four-door saloon ... in the world.



More information is available on the Bentley Motors site or their Facebook site.

For comparison, below is a 2013 Continental GT Speed

For more information about Bentley's current models and latest updates, the Bentley Motors web site is an authoritative resource. There are more images of the 2013 cars here.

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