On arrival, Bentleys form a Guard of Honour
Somewhat later, only one WO remains.

Interesting to see linear shrinkage from S3 to Arnage to Derby.


Apologies for the poor quality of the images - very low light levels did not help, and flash merely accentuates foreground contrast.

This is Concorde 02, the experimental prototype, which never flew with fare-paying passengers.
Alas, the French not only imposed their "e" on Concord, but also appropriated 01 for their testbed.
Not much wonder this was a noisy aircraft!

The driving seats.
Note the scale of the early biplane behind.

Not Concorde

Although Concord(e)'s 40th anniversary provided the rationale for BDC's visit, there are many other exhibits, unique in armed forces' aviation history.

The only surviving Wyvern. Note the twin contra-rotating properllors. This example has a piston engine. Later versions were equipped with turbines.
The Fairey Delta 2 (behind, blue) - the first British supersonic aircraft.
A Hawker Harrier nestles beneath Concorde's nose.
Power for the Harrier's VSTOL capability comes from a single Pegasus engine.

Rolls Royce Merlin engine, dissected.
Chris waves goodbye to Peter as the last WO ...
... departs.

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