Mainly Bentleys

Bentley drivers enjoying a picnic
A good turnout of Bentleys, from the 1920s to the 1990s.

A "Traction Avant", alongside a Silver Shadow and an S2 2-door Continental Bentley with coachwork by H J Mulliner.
A pair of Continental-Rs: this one from late 1993 ...
... and this from mid-1992, prior to airbags.
The S2 Mulliner 2-door departing

Other interesting motor cars

AC Ace - precursor of the fearsome Cobra
The Ace could be supplied with AC, Ford or Bristol engines
Standard 10
Hotchkiss (1931)
Hudson (1912)
Talbot (1934)
Stanley (1914)
The Stanley, making steam

Aircraft - The Hawker Hurricane: workhorse of the Battle of Britain

The Supermarine Spitfire: now one of the very, very few

These pictures were significantly harder to take than the Hurricane ones, because the Spitfire is so much faster.
Note the small tail fin and asymmetric wing and tailplane curvature compared with the Hurricane.

For completeness, here is the pic from which
the image at the head of this page was derived.
The day's programme

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