Although not a Western Region event, WR members who did not make the trip to Silverstone for the 60th Anniversary Meeting may be interested to see a little of what they missed.

Anthony & Britta Reed arrive and park alongside Mike & Cathy Warner's 3-litre
An enormous line-up for the Parade.

A very elegant 6½ ...
... complete with a very elegant mascot.

Excuse my immodesty for including yet another pic of my Continental-R
You either like this colour or you don't: I think it sets this 3-position body off nicely. It certainly makes a strong statement.
A very nicely original 3-litre tourer.

Racing and Pits

All four of the Talbot 105 team cars were present.
Here are GO53 and GO54 ...
... and here GO51 and GO53 (again); GO52 lurks behind.
More info
The Gibbs Bentley Special
More info and photos
The 2003 Le Mans winning Speed 8
More info
The Napier Railton Special
More info

Gibbs Bentley Special on the track
"Bentley Spotting" has a U-Tube clip of this car.

This link takes you to a 12-second video clip on YouTube, where I have now moved it (Oct 2010), as I do not have unlimited capacity on my own site.

I have also lashed up a 21 minute DVD from the two days in case anyone is interested.
This is a 12 second clip on You Tube.

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