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BDC Western Region

"El Paso Doble" Rally, Aug/Sept 2010

This page is full of Bentleys (what else?)
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I also have a 39-minute DVD movie. Click here to see an abbreviated and emasculated 11-minute extract on YouTube.


28 Sep 10                     *400 x 270 from 12 Apr 12.


A roadside stop for lunch


Bentleys at Parador in Cangas de Onis


Bentleys at Llastres

This GT's owner, coincidentally in Llastres, was understandably surprised to find the harbour littered (metaphorically and relatively speaking) with Bentleys.


Bentleys arriving at the Parador in Ribadeo


Bentleys at Cervera, where we were joined by a group from Mid-West Region

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