Our chairman, previous chairman and your self-appointed webmaster enjoyed the kind hospitality of South-East Region at their annual celebration of the Veteran Car Club's Emancipation Run and lunch at the Chequers Hotel, Horley.

A large turnout of Bentleys, including a very splendid 8 Litre, assembled to view the intrepid antiquarians. I hope Western Region members will enjoy the pictures as much as we all enjoyed our day out.

WR members will recognize this Bentley, setting forth
8 litre - surely the pinnacle of WO's craft!

My apologies for a degree of camera shake in the following photographs. I must practice my swing.

S-E Region members need no introduction to this car ...
... or its owner
The massive bulk of the new Mulsanne almost dwarfs my Continental R

And so to lunch

And finally ...

A couple of minutes of video for fans of You Tube

6 November 2011
Video uploaded 9 Nov
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