27 Bentleys assembled for the Sunday picnic on 10 July. Several more were to be found with RREC and scattered elsewhere on the show site.


The Continental-R on the left is the penultimate of the Final Series, the last one being kept by Bentley Motors for their collection.

The Furzelands' R-type gets a fresh coat of polish


Andreas Weise kindly loaned me the use of his 19mm lens for the following photographs

Non-Bentley photographs

I make no apology for including half a dozen pix of this beautifully restored little SS II. The quality of the restoration alone justifies it. Such a pity that it was tucked away at the far corner of the showground!

From the sublime to the gorblimey, these extreme examples of the "stretch-limo" concept must rate high on the scale of 21st century tastelessness

And, finally ...

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