Early arrivals

An early standard 6½, with elegantly tapered radiator shell ...
... and complicated inlet manifold

The Concours Line

The subtle differences between R Type and S1 "fastback" bodies ...
... are evident in these two pictures


One of three R Types bodied by Franay

Elegant Marshall Aerolux headlamps on this majestic shooting brake

Some Little Details

Park Ward's external boot hinges and vestigial fins
Over-rider caps covering sockets for "mushroom" picnic seats
(see Review 285, Feb 2013, p 14 et seq for more info)
James Young ...
... square latch buttons and extravagently elegant tails for door handles ...

... echoed on the boot lid
A Petersen special:
R Type chassis, powered by supercharged Royce straight-8
Harold Radford "Countryman" conversion on a standard R Type
Mk VI "Teardrop" by James Young

1 July 2012
Edited 8 Feb 13