At the kind invitation of Richard and Helen Clark, 18 Bentleys arrived at The Grange in time for coffee.

The Shoe Museum

A short stroll across Clarks Village brought us to the original C & J Clark premises, now a museum of footwear, its manufacture and marketing from the Roman era to date.

Lunch at the Grange

The weather was kind enough to permit some alfresco milling around before lunch.

Coachwork by Corsica
And so to lunch

They also serve who only lie in wait

Meeting Anthony

Now retired, Anthony once powered the Clark factory, originally via a line shaft, driven by cables from the flywheel seen here and later via an electrical generator. The engine is preserved in situ, not least because it cannot be removed without substantial demolition.

Ichthyosaur fossils

Finally, we visited a collection of fossils dating back about 205 million years. Most were originally collected in the nineteenth century by Alfred Gillett, an ironmonger, local to Street.

9 June 2012