A fine view over Constantine Bay from the first floor of the Treglos Hotel.


The Motor Cars

An impressive array of Bentleys arrived to decorate the car park of the Treglos Hotel. Cars from factories at Cricklewood, Derby and Crewe were represented and the attendance was by no means confined to Western Region members.

The Derby 2-door coupe is by Van Vooren

Eagle-eyed viewers will spot that this is not a Bentley.


Those with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Rileys
will identify it as a Lynx.

Evening sun has given these grilles a quirky colour cast.

The frontal treatment of the final series is more felicitous than that of the previous Arnages

Friday Evening


After coffee at the Old Inn, we swapped our Bentleys for a train ride, drawn by a steam locomotive.

Titus meets Tinkerbelle
The railway somewhat underestimated ...
... the space needed to accommodate twenty or so Bentleys

Saturday Evening


We attracted significant public interest when we assembled en masse on Truro's Lemon Quay.

Sunday Evening - Farewell Dinner

17 October 2012