The ex-Barnato "Blue Train" car

This unique 3-seater coupe's coachwork by Gurney Nutting was commissioned by Woolf Barnato on a Speed Six chassis. Legend has it that this was the car in which Barnato beat the Blue Train from Monte Carlo to London in 1930.

The single rear seat faces sideways
Vicky Sandwith was driven to her wedding in this car,
when it was owned by her father, Hugh Harben
Vicky was kind enough to pose also for this photograph,
with her husband Philip's Speed Six
There has recently been some dispute about the identity of the car in which Barnato beat the Blue Train. Vicky told me that she had it from Barnato's daughter, Diana, that it was indeed this Gurney Nutting coupe that he used.

A very tight squeeze for the massive 8 litre engine!
An unusual treatment of the tail fins on this S1 Park Ward DHC

A pair of ...
... 3½ litre Derby cars
Extravagent coachwork on this Derby ...
... parallel-opening doors ...
... and sunburst pleating
A very nice Park Ward S1 DHC

Western Region members gather for prizegiving

And finally ...

A Petersen Special 4½ Blower

5 July 2013