Members from all over the UK gathered at the clubhouse in Wroxton for an opportunity to drive the latest models from Crewe, by courtesy of Bentley Motors, who kindly made cars available.

Four cars were available, a Mulsanne, flagship of the Bentley range, a Continental GT Speed Series 51, a Continental GT V8 and a New Flying Spur. On display was a convertible Continental GTC V8 in Dragon Red.

Members lunching at the clubhouse
The Crewe team
L to R: New Flying Spur, GT V8, GT Speed, Mulsanne, GTC V8
New Flying Spur, GT V8, GTC V8

Continental GTC V8


Continental GT Speed Series 51

Continental GT V8

New Flying Spur

This is an all-new car, departing from the former practice of basing the Flying Spur on the Continental GT cars. The performance and roadholding are remarkable for a full four-seater, four-door saloon; for all practical purposes, it is the equal of the GT Speed in handling and sheer grunt.

The front seats are adjustable for length

The luggage capacity is slightly greater than the Mulsanne's.
The protrusions at the top are optional Naim loudspeaker boxes

L to R: GT Speed, New Flying Spur
The end of two perfect days

14 October 2013