Despite the prospect of doubtful weather, a good number of members turned up, supported by the team from the Club Office, who brought a shelter and regalia. After early showers, Saturday was blessed with sunny periods. After overnight rain, Sunday was mostly dry, but windy.
Apart from BDC members, Bentley was represented by a GT3

Saturday afforded weather ...
... suitable for picnics

By contrast, Sunday was blustery ...
... and discretion suggested ...
... early de-rigging

Other activity

The hillclimb course was, frankly, a tad underwhelming, though doubtless the competitors enjoyed themselves with a wide variety of machinery.

Bude Motor Club had a varied turnout ...
... including a 328 BMW, pre-war ancestor of Bristol cars
There was a number of other interesting exhibits scattered around.
A GT40 ...
... among Ferraris.
(Some might say that is rubbing it in a bit.)
A Jensen 541 standard
A Hotchkiss cabriolet for wedding hire
For those of a horticultural bent, the gardens offered a different attraction.

And finally ...

14 August 2014
corrigendum 20 Aug 14