A couple of dozen members attended with their Bentleys for a day out at the Haynes International Motor Museum by kind invitation of Derek Ayers. Many thanks to Derek for arranging this for us.

La Sarthe - a new body on an R type Bentley [link]


The Museum

The ancestry of the Daimler flutes is evident in this 1905 example

This unlabelled exhibit appears to be a single-rotor Wankel motor ... unless anyone knows better
The recessed grille on this MGA was fitted to Series II cars

Some say ... that the tortoise motif was a not a true reflection of the performance of the Gordon Keeble.
Henry Ford might struggle to recognise this
Rolls Royce armoured car
Are the chrome wire wheels on this XKSS a retro-fit? Most of the pictures I have seen had D-type wheels ...
... as per this (replica) D-type.
Duesenberg: America's answer to Rolls Royce

And Finally ...

La Sarthe departs

30 April 2014