The 2019 venue for the AGM The Moorland Hotel, Haytor, Dartmoor

Thanks to Mike Warner for passing on these images, from various sources, to me for this page.

Only a few Bentleys turned up for the AGM in the rain
David Reynolds's Turbo RL
Geoff Allan's R type
Anyone for a game of Chess?
Richard Clark and his 1924 3 litre Bentley Speed model
Terry Gostling's Arnage R

Interlude - an unexpected guest

I wonder what could be under the covers
Jimmy and his restored 3 litre engine
A crowd gathers as Brian Taylor, many years a WO owner, starts Jimmy Medcalfs 3 litre engine
BDC President Jimmy Medcalf and his WO 3 litre engine
Simon Kellaway discusses the finer points with Jimmy Medcalf and his engine
The Old and the New side by side Bentey Continental and WO 3 litre engine with Peter Sutton and Simon Kellaway
Jimmy's engine's test stand instrumentation
Bob Furzland and Geoff Allen come out to inspect Jimmy Medcalfs engine


Western Region Chairman Kathy Warner greets attendees to the AGM
Geoff Allan, Simon Kellaway and Cedric Cook
Caryn Reynolds, Bob and Christine Furzland and Terry Gostling
Claire and Clive Yallop with a small G&T
Rowena Mower and Louise Gostling
Pat Medcalf and new Committee member Sara Kellaway


BDC President Jimmy Medcalf delivering his keynote speech
Retiring Committe Member Brian Taylor receives a little gift from BDC CWestern Region Chair Woman Kathay Warner for his many years of service


5 June 2019