Brittany Group assemble for drinks on arrival at Aigue Marine Hotel, Treguire

Thanks to Chris Kallis for providing these pictures and captions of the 2019 Brittany tour.

1 June

2 June

3 June

Peter and Penny Keevil with their S3 Continental

John Churchill charms Natalie, a French journalist who came to write an article about our cars
Brittany Group proudly display their cars outside Hotel Le Roof, Vannes

4 and 5 June

6 June

Barbara Marett and Elli Kallis relax at Chez Woody's
Chris Kallils and John Marett savour Brittany's offerings

8 June

View from our rooms ...
... at Hotel Le Roof, Vannes
Lesley and Geoff Stevens, Chris and Meryl Danell and Elli Kallils taking afternoon refreshments

Sunset in Vannes

9 June

10 and 11 June

R type and S type cosying together in the car park at Benodet

John Marett tucks into his Fruit De Mer

22 July 2019