Ten Bentleys and a DFP (more anon) turned up on Saturday to erect the marquee for Sunday's buffet and to explore the extensive showground of Devon's premier vintage and classic car show, organised by the Crash Box Club of Devon. Weather was overcast and a tad chilly in the morning, but warmed up in the afternoon.

Mostly Bentleys


First seen by most Western Region members at the Sidmouth event last year, the DFP was significant in W O Bentley's history and hence in the history of Bentley motor cars.

This MKVI saloon's coachwork is by James Young

A Continental Flying Spur alongside a RR Silver Seraph on the RREC's pitch


Your webmaster is a fan of Bristol motor cars.
This one is a type 408 from around 1965.
The 408 used circular pushbuttons to control the automatic gearbox.
(The type 409's were rectangular and the type 410 had a centrally-mounted lever.)
A brace ...
... of Allards

Video clip (15 secs) in new tab
Delage - always idiosyncratic, this one dates from 1950
Delage had been acquired by Delahaye in 1935, and continued until 1953
An early Standard open tourer

And finally, the marquee is up.


Sunday was warm and mostly sunny, bringing out a good crowd and more Bentleys than on Saturday. I counted 24, in addition to the DFP.

People (and their dogs)

The BDC lineup 2


This Silver Cloud III is interesting - one of the few coachbuilt by James Young.
Only the embellishment above the headlamps distinguish the front view ...
... but the rear aspect is clearly distinctive when compared with standard Cloud IIIs.
The slender handles with square pushbuttons identify the coachbuilder


The Powderham Castle event also features a miscellany of commercial vehicles, steam waggons, traction engines and stationary engines.
A couple of running stationary engines caught my eye, so here are video clips.

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Video (10 secs) in new tab
This one is connected to a saw bench.

16 July 2019