Five Western Region members joined the throng at this year's resumed Sidmouth Classic Car Show. There were no one-make club entries, so we entered individually and our motor cars were dispersed around the field.
The weather in Sidmouth was fine, despite some rain in less fortunate parts of Devon, which some of us had to endure on the journey.


Geoff Allan's Mk VI
John Bishop's R type - the last standard R type made
Brian Taylor's Mallaliu (Mk VI)
Roger Mathew's Continental R
Chris Deverenne's Azure ...
...with its extra luggage conversion
The DFP also made another appearance
(See the 2018 account on this site for the WO connexion)

A well attended event

A small selection of other interesting motor cars

Bristol Type 408
Light 15 Citroen; one of several attending
Awaiting refurbishment
Daimler limousine ...
... coachwork unmistakeably by Hooper!
Mk IX Jaguar ...
... complete with fitted luggage


Enjoying a privileged place in an open Rover

19 September 2021