E5 Petrol in the South West

From 1 September 2021, E5 petrol has disappeared from many forecourts, having been replaced by E10, which contains 10% ethanol, detrimental to most pre-2011 motor cars (ie most motor cars!).
For the benefit, primarily, of BDC Western Region members, but also of anyone else who is discommoded by the prospect of destroying his or her perfectly good, but elderly, motor car, I intend to publish a list here of places that still have E5.

I understand that some BP stations have an alcohol-free product, but not yet in Devon or Cornwall. Anyone stumbling across this page is invited to email me with updates, ideally in a format similar to the headings.

LocationPostcode Franchise GradePrice/litreDateWebsite
Sourton Cross
 EX20 4LY ShellV-power unleaded (99)151.9p
1 Sep 21
4 Nov 21
Click Link
Whiddon Down
off A30
---"Synergy"E5 & E10 regular only---14 Sep 21---
A30 East of
---BPE5, E10 regular & DERV---14 Sep 21---
Seaward Way
---TescoE5 Premium---14 Sep 21---
 PL12 8BL ShellV-power unleaded (99)156.9p13 Oct 21 Click Link
---Tesco------5 Nov 21---
Bovey Tracey
TQ13 9DXCo-op97 octane unleaded157.923 Nov 21---

So far, I have had little feedback, and only Shell have made an attempt to help us find E5 petrol:

Shell has an useful web site HERE from which I may extract some data in due course. You have to wade
through some cookie blurb, but it is worth a look. If I find anything similar for other suppliers elsewhere
on the net, I'll post another update. (NB the Shell site needs an up-to-date browser to make its clever map
work, so if it does not display an UK map in a few seconds, update your browser and try again.)

South Brent
TQ10 9ERShell Website ------
Pear Tree
Self Serve
Newton Abbot
TQ13 7RBShell Website Not 24h
Riviera Way
TQ2 7ARShell Website
376-384 Torquay Road
TQ3 2DNShell Website Not 24h
Trago MillsTQ12 6JDShellClosed until 30 Sep 21Not 24h
Exeter Road CreditonEX17 3BNShell Website
M5 Jct 28
EX15 1NSShell Website
Kingsley Village
TR9 6NAShell Website
A30 Carland Cross NewquayTR8 5AYShell Website

BP has this site, which is not quite as informative as the Shell one.

Updated 14 Sep-23 Nov 21