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BDC Western Region

"Barcelona or Bust" Rally, Sep/Oct 2008

This page is full of Bentleys (what else?)
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Pix on these pages are 320 x 240* for speed of loading. Click on a pic to load a 1424 x 1068 in a new window or tab. Depending on your browser, you may have to click again to display at full resolution. [...more...]
I have a disk with higher-resolution versions (2848 x 2136) of all the pix if anyone wants them. Alternatively, if you only want one or two at maximum resolution, I can email them. This link will bring up a mail-to which will reach me.
I also have a 16-minute DVD movie.
Click here to download a very short extract. Enjoy!

*400 x 300 from 15 Apr 12



Bentleys at Muga


Bentleys in Haro Car Park


Bentleys pause for lunch
en route to Cardona


Bentleys at Cardona


A Bentley-sized parking bay - proper job!


Bentleys pause at Santander's Carrefour
to take on supplies for the return voyage


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Updated 20 November 2008; thumbnails resized with improved resolution 15 Apr 12