A Rough Guide to Bentley Identification

Bentley Specials

This is a very large and complicated subject. Bentleys from all eras have been modified for competitive or other purposes. In one sense, all the "blower" Bentleys could arguably be regarded as specials.

In recent times, it has been fashionable to create "specials", often with open coachwork similar to early racing Bentleys, from rolling chassis of Mk VI and R Type cars whose bodies have been neglected beyond the point of no return. These can generally be identified by their independent front suspensions. There are also several coachbuilding firms that will undertake customisation of recent and current Bentley motor cars.

I do not currently intend to attempt to cover this subject, though I may return to it if I acquire sufficient images of interesting specials as time permits. Meanwhile, bentleyspotting.com is worth a look for unusual cars and Google search on "Bentley specials" will generally be fruitful.

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June 2013